Siaya 17

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Impact of our project so far

  1. Using our international network we received from Airtel Kenya one year free subscription to internet.
  2. Our Kenyan coordinator, Paul Oluoch, received a laptop. In this way the communication between Netherlands and Kenya has become a lot easier. He had to use his mobile phone for that.
  3. So far no child from the five schools in the project has been “sent home for fees”.
  4. So far we were able to pay all school fees of our 12 sponsorchilds.
  5. Two kids have been temporarily moved to a more friendly and stimulating living environment.
  6. Thanks to our financial and emotional support our sponsor childs are among the best of their class. Also their wellbeing has improved significantly. The families (if at all) of the children  feel more at ease, since their financial burden of paying school fees has been released.


Siaya Education Project is member of ANBI and BIS