Siaya 17

What is the Chicken Project?

Siaya Education Project has decided to develop a continuous chicken farm, because it is easy to manage, occupies little space and has a fast reproduction rate.

Each underprivileged child will be given a chicken to breed. Ones the chickens start reproducing, the returns from their sells will be used to pay school fees and buy learning materials.


How can a chicken help our students?

  • Once the chickens are three to four months old, they will be sold.
  • Also the eggs are sold. Local eggs and chicken meat are highly valued and costly in Kenya.
  • The waste from the chickens will be used as manure in the organic farm that also will be started at Nyasanda. This organic farm will grow vegetables that are sold to school.

What other benefits will the chicken project provide?

By participating in the chicken farm and the organic farm, underprivileged school children will become  independent at an early stage.

What do we need ?

Funding is necessary to expand our chicken project at Nyasanda Community Highschool.