Fundraising Zumba Event

Siaya Education Project

Our Fundraising Zumba Event was a success!!

Thank you for your support.

We are organizing a Fundraising Zumba Event!

Save the date: 1st April, 3 pm in La Bodeguita, Den Haag.

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Supporting a great cause while having a blast… did you think that would be possible!?

We present to you a Saturday afternoon filled with great beats, hot dance moves, tons of Zumba fun given to you by some great Zumba Instructors! Join the fun and make every move count!

This zumbathon event is organized by Siaya Education Project in collaboration with The Dance Movement to get sponsorships for our talented students. Bring your sport clothing and join us in La Bodeguita Den Haag for a fun afternoon with the exceptional Zumba instructors Sarah, Kata, Kim & Hilbert!

During the event Phoebe Oyugui and Gerard Huybens will give more information about the activities and sponsorships of Siaya Education Project.

Tickets are  available in Eventbrte:

About Sarah Safi Harb & The Dance Movement

Sarah sola 1.pngSarah Safi Harb is the founder and main teacher of The Dance Movement. She has been a Zumba instructor since 2010, teaching countless Zumba classes, workshops and organizing different dance charity events.

Her vision is that every person has their own way of movement and dancing. She encourages people to find their own style and express their uniqueness. It does not matter how you dance, but how you feel and what you express while dancing!

Read more about Sarah here:

Fundraising zumba event: Ekaterina, Kim & Hilbert

EKaterina Buzkich “Kata” learned at the Dance Academy Ulm in Hip Hop, Ballroom and Jazz/Ballet. She worked as choreographer and creative assistant at Kummer Dance School in Austria  and was since teaching Ballet, Hip Hop and Latin in various dance schools around Europe.

Kim Riesewijk is an absolutely fabulous Zumba instructor with tons of dance experience. She makes you sweat, work and most definitely smile!

Hilbert van Weissenbruch´s  Zumba classes are like a party! Enjoy a fun and friendly atmosphere with Latin-inspired music, easy to follow calorie-burning steps and body movement, which will give you a total body workout, without even knowing it!!! You don’t need to know how to dance. Just follow his lead and let the party begin!Dance movement

Event details:

Fundraising Zumba Event.

1 April 15.00 h in La Bodeguita

32D Oude Molstraat, 2513 BB Den Haag

Instructors: Sarah, Kata, Kim & Hilbert.

See you there!!!

Siaya Education Project is member of ANBI and BIS

Stichting Siaya is now an ANBI organization

Students of Siaya Education Project

Siaya 17                     anbi_zk_fc_standaard

Starting from 17th of january 2017 Stichting Siaya officially holds the ANBI qualification.

What is an ANBI ?

An ANBI is an organization that works for a good cause in society. Also it means that no one in Stichting Siaya, is making a personal profit. ANBI also is an indication of integrity on an organizational and individual level. The foundation has the obligation to yearly publish its financial balance. The tax office is checking regularly if the foundation sticks to its legal ANBI obligations.

Tax deduction

When making a donation to a good cause that holds the ANBI qualification, in some cases this donation is tax deductible. An individual or company that donates more than one percent of the year-income, can deduct this amount from tax. However, most gifts are less than one percent. In order to make these gifts tax deductible, these gifts can be described in a agreement with our foundation, stating that the gifts will be done over minimum 5 years.

A named fund

A sponsor can also install a fund in favour of Stichting Siaya, naming this fund at will. In a donation agreement the sponsor can define the duration and the amount of the fund. The minimum overall amount must be € 75.000, to be spread over several years. The donation agreement will ensure avoiding paying taxes by the sponsor. This agreement can be made while alive, or in a last will.

Are you considering a donation agreement of a named fund? Please contact our foundation to discuss the possibilities.

Siaya Education Project is member of ANBI and BIS

A bike for Hillary

Students of Siaya Education Project

Siaya 17

A bike for Hillary


When a child is willing to walk 8 km a day searching for knowledge, nothing can stop him/her. That is the case of Hillary, one of our first sponsor children in Siaya Education Project. He lives far away from school, so he has to walk everyday the distance between Sirandumb and Ugunja.

In SEP we were profoundly moved by his attitude and his willingness to learn, so we decided to do something about it.

Thanks to your donations we were able to buy a second hand bicycle for him, so he will not have to walk that much every day to go to school.


The bike was presented to Hillary at Nyasanda in the presence of Mr Ayiemba and Mr Onditi.

Siaya Education Project is member of ANBI and BIS

Kidstar Academy in 2016 was a big success

Students of Siaya Education Project

Siaya 17

Our last edition of Kidstar Academy in 2016 was a big success!

kidstar-diciembre-2016Kidstar academy classes are not only a way for students to improve the normal school syllabus, but also a very important part of their formation in life skills. During the Kidstar academy days the students can learn about enhancing their self-esteem, how to identify their career choices, talent development, entrepreneurship skills and other relevant topics like how to avoid drugs and other harmful substances. All these subjects are imparted by specialists on call.

It takes place three times a year, during the holiday breaks in.April, August and from November to late December.

Normally, the number of participants per session is around 100 but, during the November – December holiday, the number rose to 157 students. This successful figure is related to the increase of guest speakers from Kisii University, the Probation Office in Ugunja and the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University.

In this last session, the teachers involved were:


Gordon Ochieng (Maths/ Business studies)

Finn Okewo (Guidance and counseling/ Biology and Chemistry)

Grace Ooko,(English /Literature)

Veronica Ojwang (Kiswahili /History)

Sylvester Alomba (Chemistry /Physics)

Paul Oluoch (Biology /Chemistry).


We would like to thank teachers and students for their efforts during 2016 and encourage them to continue working together for 2017.

Siaya Education Project is member of ANBI and BIS