Siaya 17
Siaya Education Project (SEP) is an education project providing financial assistance, mentorship and empowerment to secondary school students in Siaya county, Kenya.
SEP is based on the founders’ belief that education is the best way to change the world. Our idea is to make the world a better place one student at a time.
Our selection criteria are simple: we choose students who are already enrolled in school. They have a dream, are diligent, hardworking and self driven. Their track record has been proven. These students have all that it takes to succeed in life, but they need a little push to help turn their dreams into reality. Their families are not in a position to pay for their high school education and so they need financial assistance.
The cheapest secondary school education in Kenya costs about 20,000 kenyan shillings a year (approximately 200 €).
SEP currently has 12 students that it helps take through secondary school, but this number is increasing. Part of the schoolfees we pay out of the profit of the farm. The other part is payed by individual sponsors. We need your help to continue keeping these students in school and to enroll new participants in the project.
Apart from assisting our motivated and talented high school students throughout the year, we organize our special Kidstar mentoring and training weeks for many other students.
Please partner with us to change the world, one child at a time. You can help by sending cash donations or by using your skills and knowledge to participate in mentorship and empowerment.
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For other forms of participation please get in touch with us at
Siaya Education Project is member of ANBI and BIS