Siaya 17                     anbi_zk_fc_standaard

Starting from 17th of january 2017 Stichting Siaya officially holds the ANBI qualification.

What is an ANBI ?

An ANBI is an organization that works for a good cause in society. Also it means that no one in Stichting Siaya, is making a personal profit. ANBI also is an indication of integrity on an organizational and individual level. The foundation has the obligation to yearly publish its financial balance. The tax office is checking regularly if the foundation sticks to its legal ANBI obligations.

Tax deduction

When making a donation to a good cause that holds the ANBI qualification, in some cases this donation is tax deductible. An individual or company that donates more than one percent of the year-income, can deduct this amount from tax. However, most gifts are less than one percent. In order to make these gifts tax deductible, these gifts can be described in a agreement with our foundation, stating that the gifts will be done over minimum 5 years.

A named fund

A sponsor can also install a fund in favour of Stichting Siaya, naming this fund at will. In a donation agreement the sponsor can define the duration and the amount of the fund. The minimum overall amount must be € 75.000, to be spread over several years. The donation agreement will ensure avoiding paying taxes by the sponsor. This agreement can be made while alive, or in a last will.

Are you considering a donation agreement of a named fund? Please contact our foundation to discuss the possibilities.

Siaya Education Project is member of ANBI and BIS

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